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Satan's Final Deceptions Infecting the Church | Mark Finley Ausgewählte

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Christianity has been infected with Satan's deceptions. Paganism and spiritualism have slipped into the church and many believers are unaware that the doctrines they have long believed are not founded in the Bible scriptures. These spiritual poisons are destroying God's people, but we should not be surprised since the book of Revelation reveals these events would take place.

Satan has long worked to confuse people about the state of the dead. Do you go straight to Heaven or somewhere else? What about the change of the Sabbath to Sunday? You might be surprised to find out that both of the current mainline doctrine taught on these topics is rooted not in the Bible, but in spiritualism and sun worship.

God has the truth available to you in His word. Watch and listen as Pastor Mark Finley presents part 10 of a Bible study series called Three Cosmic Messages.

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